Connective Tissue

Connective Tissue Massage helps relieve chronic tension, increases ease of movement, improves posture and enhances self-awareness by releasing myofascial restrictions.

All the structures in the body are surrounded, protected and supported by connective tissue. Fascia is the continuous elastic connective sheath, which provides structural support for the skeleton and soft tissues.

When the fascia shortens or becomes adhered to surrounding layers of tissue a restriction in movement occurs. Fascia tissues change readily, softening and lengthening when energy is added through deliberate contact. Connective Tissue Massage lengthens the fascia so the body becomes longer and more open.

At Essential Massage Services Connective Tissue Massage techniques are incorporated into regular therapeutic sessions when Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques are ineffective at maintaining muscle tissue relaxation.

Ask for more information about this technique if you continue to experience muscle tension after a massage.

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